Understanding Mine to Mill

CRC ORE and Mine to Mill expert Don McKee released a publication entitled Understanding Mine to Mill. The publication documents the history of Mine to Mill, explaining the concept in simple terms along with the elements and keys to successful implementation.

Understanding Mine to Mill does not present a detailed technical examination of Mine to Mill, but rather is designed to inform board members, senior executives and management at a strategic level.

Author Don McKee is an expert in research and education within the mining and engineering sector, bringing over 40 years of experience to this publication spanning 3 decades of leadership and business development roles within The University of Queensland.

Don was one of the inspirational people behind the development of Mine to Mill and was personally responsible for the establishment of JKTech in 1986, an organisation delivering solutions to the mining industry by providing products and services in ore characterisation and process improvement. In 1997, he became the first full-time Director of the Sir James Foots Institute of Minerals Resources, also developing its’ successor, the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI).

CRC ORE is committed to the effective transfer of technologies to industry. Understanding Mine to Mill has been written to lay a foundation of knowledge upon which to build a successful Mine to Mill implementation.