Time poor? Watch the movie!

Today CEEC International Ltd launched a video addressing the key issues related to comminution: why comminution deserves the attention of senior executives, the potential financial upside and ways in which alternative comminution strategies can alleviate issues such as rising energy prices, lower ore grades and increasing pressure on the social license to operate.

Based on the CEEC Smarter Companies infographic, the video runs for almost 3 minutes. “Senior mining industry executives are frequently time-poor, and need to use any opportunity, for example travelling, to review new material. CEEC developed this communication tool with that in mind: the brief was for a format which could be viewed in the back of a cab on the way to the airport. “Says  Sarah  Boucaut, CEEC Executive Officer.

Further infographics are planned for 2014 including a Smarter Blasting report and a summary of the CEEC Roadmap. “Response to the Smarter Companies infographic has been excellent” said Boucaut. “Industry data is more typically presented following research formats and protocols so these message designs provide an eye catching layout for a serious subject.”