Study on the Impact of Using Cyclones Rather Than Screens in the Grinding Circuit at Niobec Mine

Niobec has been using vibrating screens and screw classifiers as a double stage classification in its grinding circuit since the very beginning of its operation in St- Honoré. Most of the other mineral processing plants around the world uses cyclones as the classification device in their grinding circuit. The difference between these two methods are well known in terms of capital cost and grinding efficiency but the differences in terms of the impact on the downstream processing stages are a lot harder to predict and are case specific. In the interest of lowering the capital cost of a future expansion project, Niobec decided to test the cyclones in its actual grinding circuit and evaluate their impact on the recovery of the downstream processing stages as well as the operating cost of the mill. We switched between cyclones and screens for 8 month in 2013 and early 2014 and we are now operating only with cyclones since march 2014.