Rapid ore breakage parameter estimation from a laboratory crushing test


Drop weight testers have been widely and successfully used to characterize ore breakage parameters for simulation of crushers and mills. In some cases, limitations of time, sample availability, and even cost, can prevent the conduction of these tests when preparing samples for chemical analysis and/or grindability and flotation/concentration testing. The present work demonstrates how a laboratory cone crusher equipped with a power meter, in conjunction with Whiten–Awachie crusher model, has been used to quickly estimate the A * b breakage parameters. With an average absolute error of 36% when applied to a variety of materials, it is demonstrated that the method is not a priori restricted to the particular crusher used, neither to the crushing conditions employed. It is discussed that the method, when part of a variability study, can be used as a convenient tool for geometallurgical mapping of ore deposits regarding ore breakage response.