Optimisation and Continuous improvement of the Antamina Comminution Circuit

SAG 2011

Compañía Minera Antamina is a polymetallic mining complex that produces copper and zinc concentrates as primary products and molybdenum and lead/bismuth/silver concentrates as by-products. In 2007, Metso Process Technology and Innovation (PTI) was contracted to increase SAG mill throughput by integrating and optimising blast fragmentation, crushing and grinding for the harder M4/M4A (CuZn) ores. Following the implementation of recommendations provided by Metso PTI, the SAG mill throughput increased from 2750tph to reach an average of 3600tph for the remainder of 2007. Due to continued application of mine to mill integration and optimisation philosophy, by 2010, the concentrator consistently exceeded the target of 4400tph while processing harder CuZn ores.

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