Mining and Sustainable Development Capacity Building Seminar Workshop 2014


The mission of the WFEO-CEE Task Force on Sustainable Development and Mining is to raise global understanding of the importance of mining in achieving sustainable development. Application of sustainable engineering practices, appropriate technologies and best practices will increase the contributions of the mining and minerals industries to economic, social and environmental well being. For this objective to be accomplished, information transfer and capacity building will be essential.

One of the committee’s work products will be a one-day module-based seminar on sustainable mining practices, the target audience for which will be small- and medium-sized mining companies, government regulators, NGOs and representatives of civil society in developing nations. The seminar will comprise a core curriculum easily customized to be relevant and culturally adaptable to the geographic region where it will be held. Topic areas will be drawn from the Task Force’s five theme areas supplemented by a module introducing the basic concepts of mining and sustainability.

The five theme areas are:

  • Environmentally sound engineering practices and technologies in the minerals sector
  • Best practices in social sustainability and the minerals sector – including worker health, safety, reliability and training
  • Best practices in ecoefficient use of land, water, energy and mineral resources
  • Engineering solutions to reusing, repurposing and recycling of minerals
  • Innovative practices and techniques on risk management in the minerals sector

For more information:

Read the Workshop presentation