No short-sighted cost cutting measures

Grant Ballantyne is a South African born Australian.  He graduated with first class honours from the University of Queensland with a bachelor of Engineering majoring in Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy in 2007.  And recently he completed a Doctorate in Philosophy at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC).  His proudest moment was winning the Ian Morely Prize which acknowledges the best overall performance and achievements as a postgraduate student.

Grant is interested in reducing the energy consumed by the mining sector using initiatives such as coarse rejection of gangue and energy efficient comminution.   His interests also encompass quantifying the proportion of energy consumed by comminution in the mining industry.

Dr Ballantyne works specifically on developing energy efficiency in mineral processing, and many of his papers are listed in CEEC's Resource centre. Ballantyne outlines his focus in this brief video.