How to use Energy Management to Improve Mining Operation Productivity and Reduce Downtime: Canadian Utility Company Incentive Programs

There are a lot of good reasons to manage energy use at mining operations. Optimizing process energy use reduces operating costs. Tracking energy use can help identify unplanned process changes or malfunctioning equipment early, which allows problems to be corrected promptly.

Sacré-Davey Engineering in Vancouver has performed over 50 Energy Management studies for various industries including: mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, etc. Energy Management programs can be used to identify energy reduction opportunities, assess project feasibility, complete equipment selection trade- offs, as well as to monitor and manage energy costs. Benefits of energy management programs are reduced energy costs, reduced maintenance, and increased plant automation. Additionally, energy management can provide access to utility incentive funding and quantify savings which can greatly improve the return on investment of potential projects.

Energy management studies are funded by many Utility programs across Canada. There are various programs available for existing plants energy audits, project feasibility studies, new plant design reviews and energy monitoring and targeting, etc. There are capital incentives available which can significantly reduce payback period.

This paper discusses how energy management can be used to support mill/mine operations groups, maintenance programs, as well as expansion or green field projects. This paper will also provide an overview of Canadian Utility companies programs and how they can assist mining companies.