Increasing Productivity and Profitability in Mineral Processing Plants

In the last years the mining industry due to the effect of continuous decrease of metal prices and increase of operation costs that has impacted the economic performance of Mineral Processing Plants. These effects made extremely necessary to optimize productivity and profitability in actual mineral processing plants by utilizing new technologies to improve plant operations. Sociedad Minera El Brocal located in Cerro de PascoPeru, have went under concentrator expansions by using new equipment to optimizing classification in the grinding circuit, by installing a washing plant to separate sticky clay, by installing a fines lead/zinc flotation circuit, and by using other techniques that successfully improved operation performance that achieved a positive economic situation. This paper describes our actual successful working operation that increased productivity and profitability to the company. It was important to make these technology changes in our mineral processing plant to balance the negative situation of the effects mentioned that can become worse in the next years.

G. Barrios2 , J. Vizcarra1 and B. Aquino1 ;

1 El Brocal, Lima, Peru

2 Goldex S.A., Lima, Peru