Data, data everywhere, but not a .......

Mintec, Inc have developed an interesting program to support operators in decision making. MineSight Performance Manager is designed to fill a need for coordinated, actionable reporting, analytics, and decision support at mine sites. Currently that need is largely filled by spreadsheets at many sites. Data for those spreadsheets is often cobbled together from multiple third-party sources, a time-consuming process which brings with it the risk of error and misunderstanding.

At the following link you’ll find a 90-second video about MineSight Performance Manager Click Here to Follow Link.

Mintec, Inc has also caught the attention of Hexagon, publicly listed company with more than 14,000 employees globally in 40 countries. Hexagon operates  in two business areas: Measurement Technologies and Other Operations. The Measurement Technologies business area operates through three application areas: Geosystems, Metrology and Technology. Watch this space for innovative technologies from this group!