Weakening mechanical properties of Galena based on high-voltage pulse discharge

Gao, Qina, Hana, Han, Lia

Published in Proceedings of the IMPC2020 Congress, SAIMM


In the present study, an innovative comminution technology of high-voltage pulse discharge was proposed for galena to weaken the mechanical property. The results of pre-treatment experiments indicated that the optimal operating conditions of spherical gap spacing 25 mm, pulse numbers 120, and loading voltage 25 kVwere obtained, where the relative grindability of pretreated products was improved significantly, although with the prolonging of grinding time, the superiority of high-voltage electric pulses was gradually weakened.

The galena ores were subjected to a high-voltage pulse discharge, and then the crack generating along the boundary between galena and gangue wasobserved under an optical microscope, and the surface burning which appeared in the ores. The scanning electron microscope (SEM) results indicated that the pretreated products were in a state of melting and then condensation, accompanied by some pore formation. Pulsed discharge pre-treatment not only produced more micro-cracks and cracks in the sample but also extended the original crack.


High-voltage pulse discharge; galena; relative grindability; micro-crack


P.Gaoa,b*; Y.Qina,b; L.Hana,b; Y.Han a,b; and Y.Lia,b

aSchool of Resources and Civil Engineering, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110819, P.R. China

bNational-local Joint Engineering Research Center of High-efficient exploitation technology for Refractory Iron Ore Resources, Shenyang 110819, China.

*Corresponding authors: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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