Advanced integrated comminution and classification with eHPCC™

Roper, Borissenko, Daniel

Published in Proceedings of the IMPC2020 Congress, SAIMM


Eccentric High Pressure Centrifugal Comminution (eHPCC) is a novel comminution device that provides a single step to achieve a desired target grind size. The mechanisms within the unit mirror particle breakage that is akin to high-pressure-grinding rolls (HPGR) and high-intensity-attrition with air classification. eHPCC receives lump and can produce a product P80such that the progeny are at or less than natural grain size of the feed. The unit operates in either closed or open-circuit. The grinding zone is dry and free of steel grinding media.

This paper presents evidence of eHPCC-2 capable of selective and preferential mineral liberation. A recent test campaign on a blend of underground quartz-gold-vein ore was completed. The feed to eHPCC-2 trial was SAG mill trommel oversize (low-grade pebble rejects). eHPCC-2 operated open-circuit with air-fluidisation in the rotating-grinding-chamber, classifying particles based on terminal velocity of the air-swept product particles, displaying size and mineral composition classificationtaking place at the same time. There is an opportunity for future industrial research targeting eHPCC as an advanced integrated comminution and classification technology.


High pressure, high intensity, compression, attrition, comminution, classification.


L.D. Ropera*, V. Borissenkob,and M.J. Danielc

aJTG Consultants Pty Ltd, c/-147 Frome Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000 Australia

bJTG Kazakhstan LLC, 98V-17 Masanchi Street, Almaty, 050022, Kazakhstan

cCMD Consulting Pty Ltd, P.O. Box 714, Kenmore, Queensland 4069, Australia

*Corresponding author: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We gratefully acknowledge JSC AK Altynalmas (AA), Kazakhstan, and their representatives Maxut Dyussenayev, Director of Processing Department, Jumakul Ultarakova, Technical

IMPC 2020: XXX International Mineral Processing Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, 18-22 October 2020401Superintendent for Quality Control, and Joel Geronimo, Technical Superintendent for Metallurgical Projects. They provided twelve (12) tonnes of Akbakai Gold Mine SAG Mill Rejects, and their team(s) witnessed, sampled, sized and assayed the product streams from eHPCC-2. Additionally, AA committedto pilot-scale operation of eHPCC-2 at their Akbakai Gold Mine, central Kazakhstan.

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