CEEC Roadmap

2012 CEEC Workshop

In June 2012, CEEC International Ltd, in association with JKTech Ltd, ran a workshop to develop a roadmap for eco-efficient comminution. The workshop was attended by invited senior industry figures from Australia and overseas representing mining companies, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers and the research community. The participants worked in teams to identify opportunities and risks related to the implementation of eco-efficient comminution, with a view to creating a template which can be used by companies to develop a strategy for energy efficiency in any mine site.

We attach the final roadmap which we hope you will find interesting and useful. The editors have tried to accurately reflect the output of the teams’ roadmaps which were the main products of the workshop, plus the many useful comments made during plenary sessions. We would like to thank Prof Tim Napier-Munn, Diana Drinkwater of JKTech and Grant Ballantyne of JKMRC who had the onerous task of bringing together this material to form the final report.

In producing the final document we have kept in mind the following points:

• A roadmap is not a plan, but rather a path to a plan.

• We have tried to make the document pithy and concise. Details are confined to appendices.

• We have resisted the temptation to include things that we thought should be there and to remove things that we thought shouldn’t be there. We wanted it to fairly reflect what actually happened at the workshop.

• We have at all times considered the potential customers for the roadmap, including:

a. Senior industry personnel considering whether they should develop a company-based strategy for energy-efficient comminution, whom the roadmap should assist in making that decision and then in formulating a plan.

b. Government or industry associations considering industry-wide strategies (eg AMIRA).

c. Commercial or research organisations looking for opportunities


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