Breakthrough step in Comminution Technology: Vibrocone TM for sustainable development in mining industry

ESCC 2013


After years of research and development, Sandvik Mining introduces a new crusher to breakthrough traditional crushing concept. The new machine, VibroconeTM, is able to crush and grind particles with a high reduction rate, i.e., at least two times than conventional cone crusher, in a dry and energy efficient mode. A suitable feed size can be provided for

downstream processing stage where at least part of coarse milling can be omitted resulting in water and energy conservation. Furthermore, improve in milling, increase in mill capacity, as well as reductions in energy and media consumption are obvious expectations. Plant practices have confirmed the capability of the machine in production of finer feed to the mills, increasing in surface area production, reduction in ore’s competency and possible inducing microcracks. It is believed opens a new arena in comminution technology. The implementation and performance of, VibroconeTM, for different ores are discussed herein.