An integrated and balanced approach to developing pre-concentration technologies across the mining value chain

Revell, Wilkie

Presented at the Preconcentration Digital Conference November 2020


The R&D landscape for ore pre-concentration technologies within mining is characterised by the development of individual technologies and point solutions. This presents METS and mining companies with the combined challenge of understanding how to apply pre-concentration technologies to create maximum value, and how to sustainably integrate the technologies into their businesses to maintain the value.  

The paper will consider the requirements of an integrated pre-concentration system and presents a portfolio of R&D projects that have co-developed and integrated a suite of new preconcentration technologies and methodologies across the mining value chain.

Focus areas include in-situ orebody characterisation, blast design, real time cross belt mineral sensing, and consideration of how much data needs to be acquired in order to make value based decisions between ore pre-concentration options. 

An ore pre-concentration workflow is presented to demonstrate how additional optimisation opportunities are enabled both by moving decision points further upstream in the value chain, and by integrating the concepts of pre-concentration into the design of mineral processing equipment.

Additionally, several research projects examine the non-technical factors that present barriers to uptake of new technologies within mining companies. Organisational culture, risk management and  socio-political factors are discussed and a set of management tools are presented that allow organisations to self-assess their readiness for new technology uptake, along with process models to assist management with identifying and navigating the ecosystem of stakeholders that are decision makers in the use of pre-concentration technologies.


P.A. Revell1, G.J. Wilkie2

1.General Manager – Research and Innovation, CRC ORE, QCAT, Technology Transfer Centre, 1 Technology Court, Pullenvale, Qld 4069 Australia

2.Program Coordinator, CRC ORE, QCAT, Technology Transfer Centre, 1 Technology Court, Pullenvale, Qld 4069 Australia


The Authors acknowledge the support of CRC ORE and its Essential Participants. This work was conducted under the auspices of the Australian Government Cooperative Research (CRC) Program. CRC ORE is part of this Program, which is made possible through the investment and ongoing support of the Australian Government.

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