Advanced Media-Free Fine and Ultra-Fine Grinding – The Kelsey Axial Displacement Mill


The Autogenous Kelsey Axial Displacement (KAD) mill is essentially a short retention time centrifugal mill, designed to effectively harness extraordinarily high concentrations of input energy for efficient particle size reduction. The mill which has an operating duty band extending from primary to ultra-fine also has the unique capacity to generate fine and ultra-fine products from single stage size reductions of either coarse or fine mineral feeds, in both wet or dry operating modes. This paper covers developments following a recent optimisation programme which confirmed that mill shell speed and the velocity differential between the shell and the rotating internal disc assembly tips could be optimised in relation to specific energy for a given feed rate and feed size providing the product size remains constant. Subsequent test-work further demonstrated the versatility of the mill with duties ranging from the removal of surface contamination associated with heavy mineral concentrate particles to the production of premium ultra-fine talc, from a single stage of size

reduction. Open circuit grinding of a rougher gravity concentrate to liberate gold ahead of leaching also highlighted the scope for the application of low cost KAD milling for a range of hydrometallurgical feed preparation duties, which involve fine and ultra-fine grinding.