A Guide to the Citic SMCC Approach Using Modelling and Simulation for the Design of Comminution Circuits

CITIC SMCC has developed a comprehensive system for the design and optimisation of comminution circuits, which is primarily based on the broad range of comminution simulation models developed by Dr. Stephen Morrell and validated against CITIC SMCC’s large industrial database generated by over 150 operating plants around the world. Besides circuit design and mill sizing, now the system has incorporated the full functionalities of mass balances for various flowsheet configurations as well the process optimisation tools, through a third party platform. Various circuit configurations are structured to allow the equipment models to combine together to describe the performance of each circuit being studied. The circuit models can then be used in simulation mode to predict “what if” scenarios. This simulation approach allows wide range potential circuit configurations to be investigated within the known limitations of the circuit and unit process models as trade-offs during plant design.


E. WANG, S. Morrell and J. Tian;

CITIC SMCC Process Technology Pty Ltd, Brisbane, QLD, Australia