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Where do you look for processing efficiency improvements?

What can you do without changing the flowsheet?

What is the real financial impact of your changes?

Mineral processing can use up to 50% of the energy consumed on a mining site. Because of limitations imposed by capital and operating cost strategies, operations often operate well below best practice.  Yet there are some proven, low-risk strategies that improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, increase productivity and profit, and reduce the environmental and social footprint of mining.

Our interactive workshops are designed to create a stimulating and interactive experience for comminution research and operations specialists. Attendees will share their knowledge and experience, and constructively review practices available to improve processing efficiency from mining operations through to mineral processing and smelting. The workshop leader demonstrates energy benchmarking and ways to track the impact of changes using the CEEC energy curve.


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Workshop Presenter

Dr Grant Ballantyne

Grant Ballantyne is a mineral processing research professional with a passion for energy efficient processing and a technical interest in comminution.  He is a part of the Comminution group at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) and has authored reports, industry publications, international conference papers and journal articles on comminution and energy efficiency.  Grant was the creator of the CEEC energy curve methodology and is currently expanding the database to include more accurate estimates of energy costs, comparison of alternative equipment, energy management tools, and inclusion of embodied energy in items like steel media and blasting options.