Increasing Grinding Circuit Robustness with Advanced Process Control


More complex ore bodies with lowering grades increase the challenges of maintaining high throughput, energy efficiency and required particle size for optimal downstream processing in grinding circuits. Continuous and often rapidly changing characteristics of the mill feed requires constant focus to operate the circuit at optimal level. Modern process instruments, on-line analyzers, monitoring and process control systems provide attractive and managed options to increase the circuits’ capability to respond to the challenge, often in phases and in rather short time period. Furthermore, well instrumented and performing base level automation in the grinding circuit enables advanced process control (APC) strategies that utilize measurements from the whole circuit to stabilize and optimize production. In this paper alternatives for incorporating process measurements and controls to typical grinding circuits are proposed. The expected benefits to throughput, availability, energy efficiency and particle size stability are described in recent case examples.

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Published in: 2015

Volume Title: MetPlant 2015