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Water is vital for humanity and necessary for resource extraction. Challenges such as water scarcity, conflicts over water rights, the increasing frequency of extreme weather events and groundwater contamination, all hinder minerals production and escalate costs.

The development of industry guidelines (eg ICMM, IRMA and UNEP), highlight the need for context-specific water solutions.

These guidelines represent a starting point and provide valuable insight, yet a gap remains between the data collected and reported, and practical water management in operations.

Water issues are inter-disciplinary and the time for collaboration is NOW!

The CEEC Energy Curves initiative from a decade ago was successful and widely adopted by industry. Attempts by CEEC to replicate “curves” for water management revealed the complexities of water as a resource, prompting the birth of the Global Water Initiative (GWI).

Dedicated to sustainability, CEEC-aligned professionals see an opportunity to convene producers, METS and research professionals on the topic of water. Our strategy is based on educating resources professionals to strengthen water management knowledge across disciplines.

The initial road-mapping campaign is intended to guide our efforts to build shared understanding and identify gaps and needs in water management and risk mitigation.

The GWI will evolve through workshops and other collaborative interactions. By equipping professionals with deeper water management knowledge, we aim to raise industry standards and meet the challenges posed by water and tailings.

What will the GWI legacy mean?

  • Water management will be a pivotal consideration in resource operations and life of mine planning instead of an after-thought
  • A future without water-related disasters
  • Alignment of investors, regulators, industry professionals and communities
  • An environment where responsible water use is the norm
  • Professionals will be more effective at solving water-related challenges
  • Greater and more widespread understanding of water management with open collaboration and knowledge-sharing
  • All stakeholders recognising and prioritising sustainable water practices, minimising negative impacts and improving overall ESG performance

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Campaign Timeline

4 focused, short & sharp sessions facilitated virtually on Miro as a group


6 November 2023

Adelaide Panel at Metplant Conference,
Adelaide Convention Centre

Duration: 1 hr


13 December 2023

Virtual Session via Miro

Duration: 2 hrs

Watch the recap here

View the session recap here


28 March 2024 (post SME Conference, 25-28 February 2024, Phoenix USA)

Road Mapping Workshop, Virtual Session via Miro

Duration: 2 hrs

View the campaign summary here 

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