Comminution Circuit Design Considerations

Comminution Circuit Design Considerations

G Lane (1), B Foggiatto (1), R Braun (1), M P Bueno (1), P Staples (2) and S Rivard (2)

49th Annual Canadian Minerals Processors Conference, Ottawa, Canada, 17-19 January 2017 



This paper demonstrates the selection of grinding circuit technology for a number of recent projects including discussion of the key drivers and the role of energy efficiency. Decreasing head grades combined with a strong and sustained increase in operating costs has forced miners to examine increased project size, increased equipment capacity and efficiency improvements in order to reduce their unit operating costs and improve overall project economics. Comminution energy consumption, safety and capital cost considerations play a critical role in the success of projects. This paper presents some key guidelines for a successful and cost effective comminution circuit design and includes a case study on three projects, outlining the issues and the drivers which led to the ultimate circuit selection and the critical role that energy efficiency played.


(1) Ausenco Services, 144 Montague Road, Brisbane, Australia QLD 4101

(2) Ausenco Engineering Canada, 855 Homer St, Vancouver, Canada BC V6B 2W2



Lane G, Foggiatto B, Braun R, Bueno M P, Staples P and Rivard S. Comminution Circuit Design Considerations, in Muinonen J, Cameron R and Zinck J (Editors) 49th Annual Canadian Minerals Processors Conference Proceedings, pp 74-85, Ottawa, Canada, 2017, Office of the Secretary of the Canadian Mineral Processors, a Technical Society of The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).


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