XV Anniversary Balkan Mineral Processing Congress


The Scientific Program of BMPC 2013 will cover the following main topics:

● Material Analysis and Mineral Characterization

● Fundamental Basis of Mineral Processing

● Comminution and Classification

● Physical Concentration Methods

● Flotation and Surface Chemistry Processes

● Sulphide flotation 

● Non- Sulphide flotation

● Reagents in Mineral Industry

● Mining and Mineral Processing Management of Complex Ores

● Processing of Industrial Minerals

● Coal Processing

● Dewatering and Agglomeration 

● Plant and Process Design and Operating Practice

● Simulation, Control and Modeling in Mineral Processing

● Pyro-, Hydrometallurgy and Bio-Processing

● Eco-Friendly Technologies for Waste Recycling

● Solid Waste and Waste Water Treatment

● Secondary Resource Recovery

● Soil Remediation

● Economic Aspects in Mineral Processing

● Innovation in Mineral Processing

● Sustainability in Mineral Processing

● Conservation, Rehabilitation and Recycling in Mineral Processing

● Applications of Mineral Processing in Related Industries 

● Education and Other Subjects Related to Mineral Processing

● Development of Human Resources for Mineral Industry

● Ancient Mining, Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Technology