Smart miners focus on Comminution Benefits


The striking infographic released today by CEEC International Ltd (Coalition for Energy Efficient Comminution) illustrates the immense opportunity for mining companies to improve earnings by optimizing their crushing and grinding practices known as comminution. Proven ore processing alternatives such as smart blasting, mineral pre-concentration, novel flowsheets and new grinding technologies are just a few of the different strategies which can be deployed to improve throughout and cost effectiveness in the most costly step of mineral processing.

Innovation in mineral processing is well developed, but less widely implemented. Reports from the recent SME 2013 support the need to more advanced processing technologies to maximize recovery rates, and improve productivity. CEEC was established in 2011 to support knowledge sharing and change in an area of high energy consumption for the mineral industry.  CEEC is a not-for-profit company funded by grants from the mineral industry, whose mission is to accelerate knowledge and technology transfer in the field of energy-efficient comminution.

“This infographic is designed to catch the attention of time-poor managers, to raise their awareness of the potential benefits of alternative mine to mill processing strategies. Greater knowledge of these options will empower more informed query and enable key performance measures which reflect the potential gains. This is the first in a series of infographics CEEC plans to develop.” Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, CEEC Chair and Gekko Systems CEO.