Simple energy measures for assessing total circuit efficiency

SAG 2015

A simple strategy is required for assessing the efficiency with which comminution circuits apply energy to achieve size reduction. A coherent methodology has been developed, based on well established theories, to graphically identify the opportunities for process improvement and the potential gains that can be achieved by addressing them. This paper outlines the size specific energy (SSE) methodology and its application in six recent industrial case studies, as well as benchmarking of the results using the energy curve approach. Through this analysis, four underperforrming devices were identified. These conclusions were substantiated by the observations, full circuit surveys and computer simulations that were completed at these sites. The opportunities for operating the underperforming equipment at the level achieved by the  best performer was greater than 10% increase in throughout or increased generation of -75 µm material. This simple method could allow the identification of bottlenecks to be completed quicker and with less investment than a full survey. A summary of a modified "light" methodology is also included in this paper which can be completed with reduced time, preparation and personnel requirements.


This poster is available for downloading here, with the kind permission of the authors.