Complete Optimisation from Mine-to-Mill to Maximise Profitability

Valery, W., Valle, R., Duffy, K., Jankovic, A., Tabosa, E. 2016.

Complete Optimisation from Mine-to-Mill to Maximise Profitability [Комплексная оптимизация параметров горных работ и технологических операций для повышения рентабельности производства]. Zoloto I Technologii, Russia, 2 (32), June 2016, pp. 62-67


As high grade deposits are depleted, new ore bodies are expected to be of lower grade and more difficult to extract. Furthermore, the industry is facing increasing cost pressures along with issues with energy supply and limited water resources. In the past, the mining industry has addressed dropping feed grades and higher costs by leveraging economies of scale. The tendency has been to try and apply a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to mining and separation; bigger equipment and standardises processes.

Mining is inherently variable and subject to a highly volatile commodity market. The industry is quite cyclic; periods of high investment and production are followed by economic uncertainty and cost reduction. In the face of declining feed grades, there is a need to increase throughput to meet demand, but also to increase shareholder value by better utilising resources and improving the efficiency of production in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

The objective of mine-to-mill optimisation is to develop and implement mining and processing strategies tailored to the operation in order to minimise the overall cost per tonne treated and maximise company profit in a sustainable manner.

The mine-to-mill approach has proven to be extremely successful when implemented using a structured approach and supported by extensive data collection and analysis. Significant increases in throughput and reduction in energy consumption and costs have been achieved for numerous operations worldwide and across various commodities. The mine-to-mill benefits are sustained in the long term when the outcomes are incorporated into site practices, procedures and training.



Walter Valery, Kristy-Ann Duffy, Alex Jankovic, Erico Tabosa, Roberto Valle, Ivan Yelkin - Hatch, Brisbane QLD 4000