Comminution of quartzite waste to be used in civil construction

The consumption of aggregates in civil construction has increased considerably in Brazil for the last years. The extraction of sand and gravel generates significant environmental impacts. As the quarries and sand deposits are getting exhausted near the big cities, the price of aggregates is increasing. Meanwhile the extraction of quartzite (dimensional stone) in the state of Minas Gerais has been done mostly in small quarries, with very low recovery, generating approximately six million tons of wastes a year, which causes pollution, increase final prices of products, decreases the life time of quarries and ends up in the closure of enterprises. The government agencies and quarries's owners understand that only by finding application to wastes there will be development to the sector. The aim of this investigation was to study the application to the quratzite waste as  aggregate in the civil construction. Samples of quartzite wastes colelcted in a quarry were characterized by petrographic analyses. Laboratory tests of crushing anf rginding were done to analyze the viability of reducign the size of coarse materail to a finer one to be uesed as raw materail in indutrialized mortars and concrete pre-molded components.