ClimateWorks Australia reports good progress by industry in energy efficiency initiatives

A new report from ClimateWorks Australia finds increased industrial energy efficiency.

The most effective corporate practices for improving energy efficiency were found to be

  • regular analysis of energy data,
  • inclusion of energy management considerations in operational guidelines, and
  • senior management oversight of energy management.

Respondents that reported a high score for implementation of these practices achieved three times more savings than those that did not. A range of factors continue to inhibit further uptake of energy efficiency activity, including access to internal capital, the payback period for projects, opportunity cost and operational risk.

Companies interviewed for the special report on factors influencing large industrial energy efficiency listed numerous energy efficiency projects delivered in recent years, including:

> improving cooling tower operational control

> Upgrading boilers (including changing fuel sources)

> waste heat and steam capture and re-use projects

> Upgrading lighting

> installing co-generation plants

> improving crushing and grinding on mining sites

> improving compressed air processes

> installing variable speed drives on conveyors.


Read the full reports here.