Your Must Read List – Inspiring CEEC Medal Winners, High Commendations, Nominees

CEEC recently announced outstanding 2017 CEEC Medal winners and High Commendations here. CEEC is now pleased to share links to these abstracts and papers, with further details of CEEC Medal winning papers, High Commendations and a number of inspiring nominated papers. These outline a range of inspiring innovations, case studies, operational improvements, technology and research advances for important consideration by the global mining industry. We encourage interested readers to add these to your MUST READ list – follow Links to selected papers, with authorss and titles summarised below.

2017 CEEC Medal Winners:

  • Technical Research category Winner: Fengnian (Frank) Shi, Weiran Zuo and Emmy Manlapig for their paper titled “Pre-concentration of copper ores by high voltage pulses. Part 2: Opportunities and challenges”, published by Minerals Engineering in 2015. Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • Operations category Winner: Aidan Giblett and Steven Hart for their paper titled “Grinding Circuit Practices at Newmont”, presented at the AusIMM’s Mill Operators Conference in 2016. Abstract/Paper details link here.

2017 Medal High Commendations:

  • Technical Research category: C G Kelsey and J R Kelly for their paper titled “Super-fine crushing – Pivotal comminution technology from IMP Technologies Pty. Ltd.”, presented and published at International Mineral Processing Congress 2016 in Quebec City, Canada. Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • Operations category: G R Ballantyne, N Clarke, P Elms, A Anyimadu and M S Powell for their paper titled “Application of Research Principles to Identify Process Improvement at Sunrise Dam Gold Mine”, presented and published at MetPlant 2015 in Perth, Australia. Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • Operations category: A Giblett and M Daniel for their paper titled “Global Mining Standards and Guidelines for Determining Comminution Circuit Efficiency”, presented and published at The AusIMM’s 2016 Mill Operators Conference in Perth, Australia. Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • Operations category: C Carrasco, L Keeney, T J Napier-Munn and P Bode for their paper titled “Unlocking additional value by optimising comminution strategies to process Grade Engineering® streams”, published in Minerals Engineering journal 103-104 (2017), 2-10. Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • Operations category: J –F Dupont, J McMullen and D Rose for their paper titled “The Effect of Choke Feeding a Gyratory Crusher on Throughput and Product Size”, presented and published at the 49th Annual Canadian Mineral Processors Operators Conference in Ottawa 2017. Abstract/Paper details link here.

Additional Inspiring 2017 Medal Nominees:

  • G S Anderson and N W McDonald: IsaMillS™ at Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines – from the M3000 to the M 10000 and Replacement of the Roasters at Gidji Processing Plant. Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • G R Ballantyne, A Mainza and M S Powell. Using Comminution Energy Intensity Curves to Assess Efficiency of Gold Processing Circuits. Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • G Lane, B Foggiatto, R Braun, M P Bueno, P Staples and S Rivard. Comminution Circuit Design Considerations. Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • B Nielsen, H Lehto & B Musuku. Design, installation, commissioning and operation of fine grinding technology at the Kevitsa Mine.Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • S Nkwanyana and B Loveday. Addition of pebbles to a ball-mill to improve grinding efficiency. Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • A N Parry and G van Wyk. Upgrading low-grade gold ore stockpiles by preconcentration using ore sorting – an assessment of the economic impact and viability. Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • P Staples, G Lane, R Braun, B Foggiatto and M P Bueno. Are SAG Mills Losing Market Confidence? Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • Y Sulianto, T Trott, D Morgan, T Bell, F Kock and B G Putland. Optimisation of installed mill power post-installation of secondary crushing circuit at Northparkes Mines. Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • W Valery, K Duffy, P Holtham, A Reple, P Walker, P Rosario. Techno-Economic Evaluation of Bulk Ore Sorting for Copper Ore at the PanAust Phu Kham Operation. Abstract/Paper details link here.
  • J Bouchard, G LeBlanc, M Levesque, P Radziszewski and D Georges-Filteau. Breaking Down Energy Consumption in Industry Grinding Mills. Abstract/Paper details link here.

CEEC encourages you to contact us with advances, case studies, research breakthroughs, site improvement stories and publications of interest for the benefit of all in the global mining industry. Consider nominating outstanding published examples for the 2018 CEEC Medal – Applications will open 15 October 2017.

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