Wheaton Precious Metals sponsorship brings a unique perspective to CEEC

The addition of Wheaton Precious Metals as a valued sponsor of CEEC will bring a unique perspective to the international not-for-profit communication hub.

Wheaton Precious Metals provides funding arrangements for mine operators, partnering with businesses that share the company’s values and belief in responsible mining. With streaming agreements in place for 20 operating mines and nine development stage projects around the globe, the Canadian-based firm is the world’s largest silver and gold streaming company.

CEEC Board Member Simon Hille said the organisation welcomed the support of Wheaton Precious Metals and looked forward to collaborating on sharing initiatives to promote lower footprint mining.

“Wheaton Precious Metals clearly demonstrates its ability to provide value for shareholders while upholding its commitment to sustainable development principles. Both of our organisations are keenly interested in promoting processing improvements and innovations that drive energy efficiency and productivity, so this sponsorship opens up great opportunities to foster greater sustainability in minerals mining and processing around the globe,” Mr Hille said. 

Maurice Tagami, Technical Ambassador, Wheaton Precious Metals, said the company was looking forward to the knowledge sharing opportunities provided by CEEC sponsorship.

“We pride ourselves on our using our outstanding technical expertise to help operators increase mine site productivity. Our collaboration with CEEC in a ‘win-win’, allowing us to share and implement projects and initiatives that provide benefits to operators at all stages of mining and minerals processing operations,” Mr Tagami said.

“Reducing the mining footprint of the operations we fund also helps us maintain our social licence to operate and ensures the health of communities and the environment now and into the future.”

He said Wheaton Precious Metals was also proud to be the first in the streaming and royalty space to initiate community investment programs in the areas where their assets operate.

“Since 2014 we’ve dedicated a portion of our net income and offered helping hands to charitable organisations and initiatives that help strengthen communities both locally and internationally.”

Through purposeful investments, strategic partnerships, and employee engagement, Wheaton creates value and helps build stronger communities worldwide.

Mr Hille said the addition of another Canadian-based company to CEEC’s list of sponsors highlighted the not-for-profit organisation’s global reach in communicating and collaborating on energy efficient minerals processing and optimised comminution solutions.

“CEEC’s mandate is to help facilitate good knowledge sharing through good scientific work. It’s only by having the support of sponsors from around the world that we can help promote more energy-efficient mining processes that result in lower impact, lower costs and stronger shareholder value,” Mr Hille said.