Want to learn more about CEEC’s activities? Read CEEC’s last Annual Report.

CEEC has compiled some great examples of some of last year’s activities and contributions, including workshops, speakers, 2020 CEEC Medal winning work, sponsors, collaborators, projects and our collective approach to accelerating eco-efficient comminution here.

The annual report features a note from the Chairman and CEO, information about CEEC, our recent events including participant survey feedback, insightful quotes from leading experts who participated, research work to develop Advanced Energy Curves and other activities. It reaffirms the benefits of working together to share knowledge on eco-efficient comminution, and how industry is striving to improve and innovate - to deliver better ESG and productivity faster.

Key outcomes are shared from the CEEC-CMIC Vancouver Water Curves workshop in Canada, which sought industry input into a new, collaborative benchmarking and improvement tool, building on knowledge gained from UQ SMI development of free Energy Curves tools, sponsored by industry through CEEC.

As a not for profit and registered charity, CEEC’s financial reports are audited and made publicly available and included in this report. This report also enables CEEC to acknowledge the generosity of sponsors who enable CEEC’s work during the financial year, and many active contributors including Directors, Patrons and event participants.