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If you’re looking to implement new underground mining processes – battery electric vehicles and short interval and real-time control – and want to have a say on guideline developments, register for these workshops now.

Delivered by the Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group, the workshops are held in partnership with Canada Mining Innovation Council and supported by Business Sweden.


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  • 17 November, Montreal, Canada
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  • 8 December, Stockholm, Sweden
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Details from GMSG website:

The Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) Underground Sub-Committee will hold two workshops in Montreal and Sweden to create the next edition of the recommended practices guideline. Each workshop will build on the other to reach a consensus on what information must be added to V2. Some of the new potential topics to be included are:

  • A new Operations section, including emergency response and training for maintenance and operators
  • Guidelines for creating a business case, and a comparison of BEV to tethered technology
  • Recommendations for standardization of charging systems: connectors and protocols for communication
  • Expanded discussion about the use of pantographs
  • Information on how to build a basic BEV simulation, including formulas
  • Revisiting of E-stop requirements and master disconnects
  • Revisiting of resistive braking
  • Expanded Performance Standards section, revising the data sheets, performance parameters, and making the section more user-friendly.


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  • 7 December, Stockholm, Sweden:
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Details from GMSG website:

Short Interval Control (SIC) and Real-Time Control (RTC) is a high priority for the industry, and Sweden’s mining companies have already invested in research around adoption and implementation. Join GMSG, the Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC) and Business Sweden for a workshop in Stockholm.

While a number of mining companies have implemented some aspects of SIC and RTC, for most companies there is a lack of independent guidance on how to proceed. A guideline will raise awareness of what is currently available to mine owners and operators.

Objective: Create an action plan for a guideline that will enable increased adoption of SIC and RTC technologies, with a lower cost of implementation accessible for global mining. Participants in a previous workshop identified the following elements required for the guideline:

  • Describe the vision of a SIC/RTC mine, including a map of the entire mining system, and how to plan a mine
  • Outline the potential problems of SIC/RTC and provide solutions
  • Explain what data should be included, for what purpose, and how to manage KPIs
  • Develop common terminology and write a case for implementation
  • Articulate the change of roles for workers and shift supervisors, and how to integrate new processes into current work cycle
  • Compare the mindset between continuous process vs. batch process
  • Show lessons learned from other industries.