Project Evaluation 2012

Project Evaluation 2012 is the third conference in a developing series of conferences that commenced in 2007 and was followed up with a conference in 2009. The broad objective of these conferences was to provide a professional forum for personnel responsible for undertaking evaluations of mineral properties and projects and also those who rely on them for financial decision making as investors or as developers. In 2007 the theme for the Project Evaluation Conference was “Getting it Right” against a background of major growth in the minerals industry and the accelerating demand for project evaluations. In this context “Getting Right” was about putting a focus on an increased need to ensure that the very process of those evaluations are sound and the standards applied ensure their success. In the 2009’s theme was “Moving Forward in Challenging Times” and this theme could hardly have been more apt. However, at the time of its inception the trend for the minerals industry and economy was all up on the back of a booming world economy and by the time the conference came round in 2009 with the pace of mineral project development had significantly slowed down as a result of the GFC. In 2012 our theme will be “Dealing with Uncertainty”. This is reality for a project. From inception to completion we have to deal with a plethora of variable inputs, many beyond our control. We need to be cognisant of these, plan for and model them, so that considered decisions can be made. Conference Chair Adrian Pratt, Ivanhoe Australia Organising Committee Patrick Clifford, Ausenco Richard Flanagan, Richard Flanagan Mining Consultancy Paul Harper, AMC Consultants Pty Ltd Roger Jackman, Worley Parsons Simon Maher, GHD Pty Ltd Ron Morland, Morland Consulting Group Pty Ltd Craig Stewart, AMC Consultants Pty Ltd Event Management: The AusIMM  Miriam Way, Director, Conferences & Events Tara Hicks, Coordinator, Conferences & Events Olivia Tet Fong, Coordinator Publications Enquiries Tara Hicks, Coordinator, Conferences & Events Telephone:             +61 3 9658 6127       Facsimile: +61 3 9662 3662 Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.