Peter Munro receives AusIMM President’s Award

CEEC congratulates Peter Munro on winning AusIMM’s 2021 President’s Award!

The AusIMM awards have been recognizing contributions to AusIMM and professional excellence in the resources sector since 1935. The awards celebrate outstanding contributions to best practice professionalism, and help to promote and raise the overall standard of professional practice.

The President’s Award may be presented to any senior and influential professional who has made a notable contribution to, or achievement within AusIMM or the resources sector. AusIMM described Peter Munro as a true legend of the resources sector, whose “unrelenting dedication to professional excellence and contribution to our industry’s knowledge make him a worthy candidate for the President’s Award.”

Peter has worked across production, technical, research and leadership roles, most notably with Mount Isa Mines (MIM). Later in his career, he co-founded the specialised minerals consultancy, Mineralis, to provide expert advice to operations globally.

Peter has developed an unrivalled understanding of the resources industry over the past 50 years, and is a world-class specialist who shares his knowledge for the benefit of others in the complex and niche fields of concentrate marketing, smelter and refinery constraints and metals markets.

Peter led the charge for the first ever Mill Operators’ Conference which was held in Mt Isa in 1978 and celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2018. Peter continues to support this and other technical events and conferences.

Over the course of his career, Peter has inspired and mentored thousands of metallurgists, mineral processors and chemical engineers all over the world.

He has always been a well-known champion for AusIMM – when students or graduates arrived to MIM he would immediately provide them with the membership form if they were not already Members. He has been an AusIMM member for more than 50 years and a Fellow since 2011.

AusIMM concluded: “The world of mineral processing would be poorer without Peter in it. His impact has been, and continues to be, profound and far-reaching.”

The award winners were honoured at a hybrid Awards dinner in Brisbane in November. The attendees were able to connect with recipients in person and via special video messages throughout the evening.