Optimise mining performance

MONEY MINING : A step change in the economic performance of your mining business

This seminar will give the participants a comprehensive briefing on the latest techniques in mining optimisation. It is suitable for directors and senior managers who wish to understand the drivers of value in their business and what opportunities exist for enhancing performance, and for technical staff who wish to apply these techniques in their work. These methodologies are credited with increasing the value of mining properties by 5% to 35%.

Presenter: Gerald Whittle, Managing Director of Whittle Consulting (Australia) Leaders in Optimisation for the Mining Industry www.whittleconsulting.com.au


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23 - 24 February Melbourne, Australia Online Registration Download Form
18 - 19 March London, United Kingdom Online Registration Download Form
23 - 24 March Johannesburg, South Africa Online Registration Download Form
13 - 14 April Perth, Australia Online Registration Download Form
27 - 28 April Santiago, Chile Online Registration Download Form
7 - 8 May Lima, Peru Online Registration Download Form
11 - 12 May Toronto, Canada Online Registration Download Form
22 - 23 June Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Online Registration Download Form
13 - 14 July Brisbane, Australia Online Registration Download Form
17 - 18 August Denver, USA Online Registration Download Form
28 - 29 October Perth, Australia Online Registration Download Form

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Quotes from previous attendees:

"I have been putting what I learnt at the course into practice and as a result we have added a significant amount to the NPV in our recent business plan."

"There were lots of new insights and ideas presented which can change the way we have done our planning in the past."

"Every serious mining professional should attend Gerald's Mining and mineral processing optimization seminar. In 2 days he changed 25 years of traditional mining thinking and principles. Beware, this dynamic and inventive thinking will change everything ever believed to be the norm in optimization and mine planning. No feasibility study should be done without these principles."

"Well organized, relevant and challenging existing paradigms."

"Certainly opened my mind to new and different approaches to business optimization."

"Earth Shattering"