Online/Australia - Global Uranium Conference 2022

CEEC is a proud Founding Sponsor of the Global Uranium Conference (GUC) 2022 which is being hosted by industry in Adelaide, Australia on the 9th and 10th November 2022.

It is the largest uranium-focused conference being held globally in 2022.

Join with global leaders in the uranium, nuclear, energy and decarbonisation sectors to find out about the latest in research and operations.

Following the conference, on the 11th November an Open Forum is being held which is free to attend and open to all interested persons (including students, teachers and parents).

Attendees can expect to discover that there is much more to the uranium sector than is commonly known and reported and that there are a wide range of exciting and diverse opportunities on offer.

Early Bird Registration and the Call for Abstracts close on 30th September.

Abstracts can be submitted via this link, and you can register for the conference here.

The conference features a high quality, single stream plenary over two days, as well as high profile keynote speakers, panels and Q&A sessions. There will be plenty of formal and informal networking opportunities and social functions as well as opportunities to discuss topical matters with sponsors, exhibitors and other delegates.

Some of the program highlights include:

  • Treva Klingbiel (TradeTech) - Uranium Prices and Nuclear Fuel Market Information
  • Helen Cook (GNE Advisory) - The Legal Challenges of establishing a Nuclear Energy Industry in Australia
  • John Vagenas (Metallurgical Systems) - Can There be a Future Without Nuclear Power
  • Brian Reilly (Snr Vice President and COO, Cameco) - Cameco's Direction in the Athabasca Basin 
  • Duncan Craib (Boss Energy) - Honeymoon Mine Re-Start 
  • Luminita Grancea (TradeTech)(formerly OECD/NEA) - Social and Economic Benefits of Uranium Mining – Release of Handbook 
  • Doug Boreham (McMaster University) - The Latest in the Biology of Radiation 
  • Mark Ho (ANSTO) - Technologies in Nuclear Reactors 
  • Ben Heard (Frazer Nash Consultancy) - Why SMRs are Perfectly Suited for the Australian Context 
  • Geoff Currie (Charles Sturt University) - Nuclear Medicine: An Update on a Uranium Dependent Industry 
  • Kathy Ehrig (BHP Olympic Dam) - Uranium Mineralogy - Challenging but Imagine if...... 
  • Leigh Curyer (NexGen Energy) - Delivering Uranium for the World's Future Clean Energy Needs
  • Mark Chalmers (Energy Fuels) - Is History Repeating?
  • Edward Obbard (UNSW Nuclear Engineering Program) - Establishing a New School of Nuclear
  • John Borshoff (Deep Yellow Ltd) - Project Updates - Namibia and Australia
  • Wayne Heili (Peninsula Energy) - Lance Projects - Wyoming - in transition from alkaline to low pH ISR
  • Lenka Kollar (NuScale) - SMRs, sustainable energy policy, nuclear waste, nuclear power's role in the hydrogen future
  • Greg Hall (Alligator Energy) - Samphire Uranium Project, South Australia – Early Development stage ISR