New CEEC sponsor Hatch adds value by sharing mine-to-mill options

Alison Keogh with Walter Valery and Kristy Duffy of Hatch.
Alison Keogh with Walter Valery and Kristy Duffy of Hatch.

The award-winning team at Hatch is joining forces with CEEC, helping strengthen CEEC’s ability to share mine-to-mill, energy-efficiency and productivity improvements across its global network.

CEEC CEO Alison Keogh said Hatch, no stranger to CEEC, was recognised for the quality of its people; highly respected experts in mining, comminution and processing. Working across the mining value chain, Hatch specialists have contributed practical mining and processing improvements over 420 global optimisation projects.

She said there is great synergy between what Hatch and CEEC are striving to achieve through the sharing of smart practices.

“We’re proud to be working together in this endeavour. Hatch has contributed for many years to the industry and to CEEC’s work. Global Director Mining and Mineral Processing, Mr Ivan Mullany, volunteers his time as a CEEC director, and has done so since 2013. Hatch Global Director Consulting and Technology, Dr Walter Valery, was awarded the prestigious CEEC Medal in 2012 for his contribution to an inspiring case study at Antamina in Peru. The team demonstrated important ways for miners to enhance value and also reduce energy through smarter comminution practices.”

Dr Valery said Hatch was delighted to build on its existing relationship with CEEC through this sponsorship agreement.

“The mining and metals industry is facing declining feed grades and increasingly tough economic conditions. Miners need to operate more efficiently to meet environmental targets, but also to remain economically viable. This is a key focus for CEEC and Hatch,” he said.

“At Hatch we work with our customers to develop new ideas, technologies and innovations to improve resource efficiency. We maximise the recovery of value from an ore deposit while reducing environmental impact. In existing operations, we often do this with little or no capital expenditure. It’s all about understanding the ores, each stage of the operation, and how they all interact.

“In greenfield projects, we integrate mine and plant design, considering a range of possibilities and opportunities. This may include high intensity blasting; early waste-rejection; alternative energy efficient comminution technologies; coarser primary separation; and less fine grinding. Taken in part, there’s improvement. Taken together, there can be transformation.”

Hatch’s experts work as a team to tackle and deliver the right integrated solutions across every step of the mining value chain. In collaboration with its clients, Hatch specialists have published more than 190 technical papers. Many showcase results of consulting and technology projects which have helped the mining industry improve productivity and energy efficiency.

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