New Advocates boost CEEC’s global reach for sharing energy and water efficiency initiatives

Janine Herzig and Michael Myllynen
Janine Herzig and Michael Myllynen

Two highly respected industry professionals have come on board as Advocates for the Coalition for Energy Efficient Comminution (CEEC), to help spread the word about the not-for-profit organisation’s role in sharing knowledge and research on eco-efficient comminution and mineral processing.

Janine Herzig, Director of MetVal Consulting Pty Ltd and immediate Past President and Board Member of AusIMM, and Michael Myllynen, Senior Metallurgist, Magotteaux Australia, each bring a wealth of technical and leadership expertise as well as strong networks across the globe.

Based in Adelaide, Australia, Ms Herzig is a highly experienced Metallurgical Engineer with a passion for minimising the impact of mining on the environment and communities and delivering Social Value.

“I have long admired the vision of CEEC, the calibre of the Board and supporters, and the accomplishments to date, so I was delighted to be invited to become an Advocate,” Ms Herzig said.

“Having been involved in preconcentration, comminution and tailings management for a significant part of my career, I am keen to contribute to the mission of reducing energy consumption, footprint, water consumption, reagent usage and tailings generation.

“My vision for the future is to have operations that are completely self-sustaining in terms of energy, water and other inputs, delivering the highest socio-economic value in an inherently safe way.

“I encourage industry decision-makers to take a leadership role in the movement for eco-efficient comminution and processing by supporting and seeking out the latest research, educating your teams and operations, and assisting in the transfer of knowledge,” Ms Herzig said.

Mr Myllynen, also from Adelaide, brings a global perspective through his 13 years’ work as Magotteaux’s zone metallurgist in South America, North America and Australia. 

With strong expertise in flotation, grinding and comminution, he is passionate about finding ways to improve the process; whether it be through recoveries, concentrate grades or grinding efficiency.

“From the first time I attended a CEEC workshop, in 2018, I knew it was an organisation I wanted to be a part of,” Mr Myllynen said.

“I believe that energy usage and environmental impact are the greatest threats facing the planet today. We all can do something to help and I hope that my involvement with CEEC gives me the opportunity to do just that little bit more.”

His advice to leaders and industry professionals looking to improve the environmental footprint of their site was to work closely with METS companies as well as tapping into and contributing to CEEC’s free resource base for all of industry.                             

“Supply and technology companies produce the bulk of innovations these days and more often than not are key to delivering process optimisation and improvement systems,” he said.

“Rather than making purchasing decisions purely on unit cost, I encourage mining companies to support innovation by developing long-term relationships with quality suppliers who can add real value.”

CEEC CEO Alison Keogh welcomed the new Advocates and commended their willingness to promote the work of CEEC through their extensive global networks.

“Janine and Michael join fellow CEEC Advocates from the United States, Canada, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Australia – further enhancing our worldwide reach for sharing demonstrated advances and best practice in energy and water-efficient comminution and processing,” Ms Keogh said.

“This year our goal is to have one thousand abstracts posted on our free online Resource Centre, as well as continuing our knowledge-sharing efforts through the prestigious CEEC Medal and online forums and events. We invite people across industry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with abstracts and case studies that detail research or field work that can add to this field of knowledge and lead step change and process improvements across industry.”