Mining Magazine’s Optimizing Mine Operations Conference, 30 Sept- 2 Oct 2014, Toronto, ON, Canada

A prevalent theme in the mining industry currently is the pressing need for cost efficiency. This is best achieved through optimising operations to boost productivity and improve on safety while keeping operational expenditures in check. As the industry collectively moves towards this common goal, the roles of collaboration and innovation to identify and develop these operational tools are becoming more crucial. Furthermore, there is growing recognition of correlation between collaborative innovation and cost savings and efficiency.

Mining Magazine’s Optimizing Mine Operations Conference, (Toronto, ON, September 30 to October 2, 2014) will provide attendees the opportunity to become active participants in that collaboration. The Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group (GMSG) will be participating in the conference, as speakers, panelists and moderators inviting stakeholders to learn about and share best practices surrounding mine operations.

Highlights will include a presentation on Friday October 3rd by CEEC Advocate Chih-Ting Lo, Principal, EELO Solutions, Canada

17:00 Practical and effective energy management program to optimize operation and to manage surging fuel and energy costs

  • Developing a practical and effective energy management program which covers all contingencies in your mining operations so that you have planned for all eventualities
  • How to enable, implement, and validate projects with real savings
  • How to improve operation efficiency, production, and reduce energy cost