Mineral Futures

University of Technology Sydney's Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) is leading the development of a collective vision for Australia’s mineral future to 2050 informed by a multi-stakeholder processes to identify strategies for improved resource governance. It will deliver a contemporary understanding of the changing profile of risks and opportunities present in diverse mineral futures scenarios. The scenarios developed by ISF will provide a foundation for the research of the Mineral Futures cluster, a three year collaboration between CSIRO’s Minerals Down Under flagship, ISF and four other university research teams.

See our Mineral Futures project background briefing note

Peak Minerals

The project aims to understand and monitor the dynamics of peak minerals (the time when production from terrestrial ores will peak and then decline). It assesses strategic options for the future transition from conventional mining approaches while they remain economic, to future options when ore grades decline and environmental costs rise. This includes investigating the role for innovative technologies to access ores in new ways, developing ocean resources and increasing recycling.

More information about this collaborative research program, including the research partners and their research, can be found on the CSIRO website.

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