Looking to improve efficiency and footprint? Essential Reading links from CEEC Medal awardees and our U.S. Advocate Rob McIvor on “The Essential Grind”

Despite the pandemic impacting industry events right now, there is much exciting work for our people across industry to tap into for professional learning opportunities. These help us grow our understanding of options to improve the efficiency of our comminution and processing, to reduce the footprint and boost productivity at our mine sites – a priority for our leaders, shareholders and communities.

Short of time? Here are some priority reads. 

Read Rob’s view on the Top 5 “Recommended Reading on Grinding for Every Metallurgist”

2019 CEEC Medal winner for Operations Rob McIvor recently shared an insightful CIM article and viewpoint – bringing our metallurgists recommended reading to help them tackle comminution efficiency. Here’s what Rob McIvor, also CEEC Advocate and Chief Metallurgist Grinding Systems at Metcom Technologies, had to say in his article for the CIM Bulletin and magazine with his recommended reading list:

“The published world on comminution is as perplexing as it is vast. A recent investigation, “The Truth About Population Balance Modelling”, presented in 2020 by myself and co-authors at CMP and SME, has revealed a history of misinformation that has been obscured by conceptual and mathematical complexity. However, there are a number of wonderful publications that I have found over the length of my career that every metallurgist should read to build a foundation of grinding and classification basics. They are described in this article, graciously passed on for your benefit by the editorial staff of CIM Magazine.”  Rob McIvor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read the full CIM article here, with Rob’s top five recommended articles: