Listen to the latest CEECing Change podcast episodes

The CEECing Change podcast, which The Coalition for Eco Efficient Comminution (CEEC) launched in May, is for people who are interested in sustainability in the mining industry. Since the last edition of the CEEC news went out, five more episodes of the CEECing Change podcast have been released.

In Episode Six, Zimi Meka, Co-Founder and CEO of Ausenco, spoke with CEEC Director Joe Pease about how industry can collaborate on important ESG improvements for investors. He noted that there are good options for leaders, both within companies and through organizations such as CEEC, to work together to solve critical whole-of-industry challenges such as in energy, emissions and water impact.

In Episode Seven, Professor Neville Plint, the Director of the Sustainable Minerals Institute at the University of Queensland, talked to CEEC CEO Alison Keogh about how the mining industry can learn from success. He noted that it is important to actively listen to what communities want before we plan our approach, along with insightful views on ESG, the major challenges in mining and its footprint, and why across-industry collaboration including through CEEC is critical to get breakthrough ideas to reduce energy, emissions, water and tailings footprint.

In Episode Eight, Bryan Rairdan, Technical Director, Processing at Teck Resources and CEEC Director, spoke to Alison Keogh about why he decided to join the Board of CEEC and the value that CEEC brings to leading change in industry. He also shared his vision for the next three years, for 2030 and for 2050 with net zero and ESG commitments.

In Episode Nine, Marc Allen, Director of engeco and CEEC Director (now CEEC President) talked to Alison Keogh about his work on an independent report ‘Mining Energy Consumption 2021’ commissioned by the Weir Group, that examines direct energy use and emissions from mine sites. The report focuses on five major commodities – copper, gold, iron ore, nickel and lithium - and draws from over 40 published studies. They also talked about the role of CEEC in the future of ESG in the mining industry.

In Episode Ten, Paul Shelley, Global VP of Innovation for Molycop, spoke to CEEC Communications Lead Ailbhe Goodbody for CEEC’s Spotlight Leader Conversations series. He discusses the impact of the digital transformation that has improved the efficiency and productivity of comminution, for example how Molycop’s P86 SAG mill sensor system, which received a high commendation from the CEEC Medal Evaluation Committee a couple of years ago, can successfully capture and analyse data from inside operating SAG mills.

Episodes from the first season of CEECing Change are being released on a regular basis, and you can listen to the podcast on the CEEC website here.