Leaders call for final worldwide applications for prestigious CEEC Medal to accelerate net zero mining

Left - CEEC Medal Award for eco-efficient comminution 
<br />Center - CEEC Medal Crushing moving and grinding rocks uses energy
<br />Right - CEEC Medal Targeting energy efficiency
Left - CEEC Medal Award for eco-efficient comminution
Center - CEEC Medal Crushing moving and grinding rocks uses energy
Right - CEEC Medal Targeting energy efficiency

The Coalition for Eco Efficient Comminution (CEEC) welcomes applications for the prestigious CEEC Medal, and invites people to submit ground-breaking examples of innovation in comminution and mineral processing that help accelerate more eco-efficient mining.

The CEEC Medal is awarded each year to the author or authors of the most outstanding published paper, article or case study published after March 1, 2020 that presents innovative approaches to eco-efficient comminution practice. The 2021 CEEC Medal will mark a milestone, as it is the 10th year that Medal winners will be celebrated. 

This year, as companies accelerate their work towards environmental, social, and governance (ESG) improvements and increasingly make net zero emissions commitments, CEEC has extended the deadline until October 31 to enable more time for outstanding work published during the pandemic.

CEEC CEO Alison Keogh said: “The pandemic has brought many challenges but also catalyzed exciting change and emerging opportunities. We are pleased to have already seen some great work emerging during the pandemic, and want to encourage all of those who have published to put their work forward. CEEC invites you to highlight your work on innovation that improves eco-efficient comminution and related mining and mineral processing steps, or to nominate a remarkable case study or published article that you have read.”

Improving efficiency in comminution and mineral processing is more important than ever, as mining companies commit to decarbonization on the path to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. One of CEEC’s aims is to increase the examples towards net zero in its free online resource center to 1,000.

Medal applicants can contribute good work to the free resource center by demonstrating innovations that mining companies could consider adopting as we all strive to improve eco-efficiency and reduce water consumption and emissions footprint of mining operations worldwide.

Ms Keogh said: “With COP26 imminent, now is the time to share your work via CEEC and help all of industry understand the emerging options and tools available now to reduce mining’s environmental footprint.

“We want to hear of new exciting work we might not yet know about. People can contribute articles they’ve seen from around the world to help lead change across industry, help us scour the world and nominate work they’re aware of.

“The mission of CEEC is to draw attention to more eco-efficient and alternative comminution strategies. This can accelerate industry’s contribution to net zero targets. Sharing cutting edge knowledge helps mine sites lower their environmental impact and operational costs while improving value for shareholders. We are proud to champion collaboration, share innovative advances and support step changes through the worldwide CEEC Medal initiative.”

The Medals can be awarded to authors in two categories: Operations and Technical Research. CEEC welcomes applications that can show improvement and innovation advances in the energy, emissions and water efficiency of comminution and mineral processing, as well as financial benefits resulting from that improvement.

CEEC Medal Evaluation Committee Chair Dr Zeljka Pokrajcic said the CEEC Medal showcases ‘best-in-class’ research or documentation in the field of eco-efficient comminution.

“CEEC Medal winners have shared how they’ve applied site improvements or developed exciting new technologies,” she said. “This includes grinding efficiency approaches in different settings, mine-to-mill gains, innovations in comminution approaches, blasting impacts, testing advances, transfer of technologies from one commodity into a different commodity, and smart changes to circuits.”

Submissions must be of a standard suitable for technical review and must have been written or presented after March 1, 2020. Nominations are reviewed by the CEEC Medal Evaluation Committee for applicability, supporting research and documentation, prospective impact, potential energy savings and presentation style.

For further criteria and application information, visit the CEEC website. You are invited to submit your application here; before applications close on October 31.

CEEC Medal winners will be presented with their awards at an appropriate mining event (which may be virtual/online) and both the award announcement and Medal presentation will be publicized globally.

Recipients of the CEEC Medal benefit from their participation in the initiative, and can help to lead important changes in the mining and mineral processing industries. The winners and shortlisted nominees are globally recognized as innovators in the field, which in turn boosts opportunities for future partnerships and collaboration around this important topic.

Past winners have been rewarded with video interviews and hybrid presentations of their Medals, and CEEC looks forward to sharing more Medal winner stories as CEEC releases more informative and insightful videos, podcasts and webinars.