Global from the UK – The Intelligent Miner highlights CEEC milestone in video interview

CEEC is delighted to highlight a great video interview by media partner The Intelligent Miner that celebrates CEEC’s 10-year anniversary.

Owner and author Carly Leonida spoke to CEEC Founding Chair and Patron Elizabeth Lewis-Gray and CEEC Founding Director Dr Zeljka Pokrajcic about why CEEC was established, its achievements so far, and the role that it will play in the future of the mining and mineral processing industries.

One of the topics discussed in the interview was the proudest moments so far for CEEC. Ms Lewis-Gray described CEEC’s first workshop, which was organized by CEEC Founding Director Professor Tim Napier-Munn at the Noosa mining conference in Brisbane in June 2012. She said: “We had people from all over the world - from Brazil, from the UK, from Russia. That was just an incredibly proud moment to think that people would actually jump on a plane and travel.”

She also highlighted the CEEC Medal, a global award to recognize and celebrate the contribution of outstanding published papers, articles or case studies profiling beneficial strategies for eco-efficient comminution.

She added: “My proudest moments were a lot of the first things that we did, because they were all such a risk; it was all such hard work to get it established. And every time it was a success.”

Dr Pokrajcic emphasized the CEEC Roadmap, which was originally developed at that first workshop in 2012 and is still referred to today. “I think the biggest highlight for me is that we're still here, and we're still relevant, we still have sponsorship, we still have groups sponsoring us that have been around since the beginning,” she said.

“We've got a new CEO who's been around for about four years now. We've got new directors, we've got new ideas coming through. We're still contributing to the industry, in not just comminution – now we're looking to expand the whole mineral processing chain.”

She also underlined CEEC’s Energy Curves initiative as a personal highlight, and CEEC’s current work with the Canada Mining and Innovation Council (CMIC) to develop a similar initiative called Water Curves to benchmark water use.

Read more about the interview and watch the full video at The Intelligent Miner.