FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT: Biomining ’20 and Sustainable Minerals ’20, Cornwall, UK

CEEC is pleased to be an advocate for the Sustainable Minerals ’20 conference, which will run back to back with the Biomining '20 conference in June 2020.

The conferences will be held at the National Maritime Museum in the beautiful Cornish town of Falmouth, UK.

MEI has renamed the Biohydrometallurgy conference series to Biomining, to highlight the increasingly important role of biotechnology, not only in the treatment of primary ores and concentrates, but in the quest for the circular economy.

Biotechnology is likely to have a major role in remediation, treatment of tailings, electronic and other wastes, and as a potential aid to processes such as flotation. In this respect Biomining is intimately linked to the Sustainable Minerals series.

As the conferences evolve, updates on Biomining '20 will be posted at #Biomining20, and Sustainable Minerals '20 at #SustainableMinerals20. You can also find updates on Twitter @barrywills.