Final call for abstracts: MEI’s Physical Separation ’19 conference, Cornwall, UK

CEEC is an industry advocate of this conference

MEI has issued a final call for abstracts for the Physical Separation ’19 conference to be held in Falmouth, Cornwall, in June 2019.

Barry Wills, MEI Senior Partner, said authors of accepted abstracts would be required to submit draft papers which would form a non-refereed proceedings.

“Following the conference, authors will be invited to submit final papers to Minerals Engineering. These will be refereed and, if accepted, published in the first available regular issue of the journal, and included in the virtual special issues of the conference on ScienceDirect,” he said.

“This is an ideal opportunity to present your work to an international audience and have your paper published in a refereed journal of high repute.”

The call for abstracts will close on 31 January 2019.

Physical Separation ’19 is the fifth in this series of conferences and will feature a keynote address by Prof Sam Kingman, the University of Nottingham, entitled What’s Cooking in Mining? High capacity microwave treatment of ores is an emerging technology and Prof Kingman will discuss the world’s largest microwave processing plants. A focus of the conference will be on methods to reduce energy and water consumption in mineral processing.

Following the conference, a site visit to Wheal Peevor, the only mine in the central mining district around Camborne and Redruth with three engine houses. Two of the engine houses were used to pump water and winch material out of the mine. The third engine house operated 48 heads of Californian stamps for crushing the ore, which was then treated in buddles. The concentrate was calcined to remove arsenic.