EY on mining risks: productivity improvements urgently required

The most recent report by Ernst and Young on business risks facing mining and metals has identified productivity improvement as the greatest risk. Past industry pressures drove strategies to support growth, at the expense or productivity. Resetting the business drivers towards productivity is akin to turning a ship around: it requires the coordination of the entire operation.

Appearing for the first time in the top 10 risks is access to water and energy: CEEC's focus.  EY forecast global energy demand to rise 36% by 2025, and with falling ore grades, the need to address energy efficiency in mineral processing is critical.

"Improving productivity is undoubtedly the best and most strategic way for organizations to boost efficiency and profitability in an environment of muted pricing. And it’s not a simple fix for a few projects. It is transformational and takes a lateral and broad-thinking management to pull it off successfully.” Mike Elliott Global Mining & Metals Leader EY

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