Exclusive video interview with Molycop’s Paul Shelley

Dr Paul Shelley, Global VP of Innovation for Molycop, is one of the smartest leaders of innovation in grinding globally. He spoke to CEEC’s Communications Lead Ailbhe Goodbody about the impact of digital transformation on the industry for the CEEC’s Spotlight Leader Conversations, a new series of video interviews with leading people in the mineral processing industry.

“Real value is now being created by players that were not previously on the miner supplier radar,” said Dr Shelley. “There is considerable industry appetite for data capture, analysis and visibility. The results are challenging heritage engineering fundamentals, such as root cause analysis and/or reliability centred maintenance dynamics. There is a fast paced move from point in time analysis to dynamic and real time resolution of operating variability.”

He pointed to Molycop’s P86 SAG mill sensor system, which can successfully capture and analyse data from inside operating semi-autogenous grinding (SAG) mills, as an example of an exciting industry breakthrough. The technology received a high commendation from the CEEC Medal Evaluation Committee a couple of years ago.

“We were very motivated by the recognition,” said Dr Shelley. “We are only at the beginning of the insight this will provide to energy efficient comminution.”

One of the key takeaways from the conversation is the importance of collaboration in industry. “Working in heritage style silos, with high barriers to IP [intellectual property] and information share, may not be a great success,” he explained. “It is more likely that collaboration, knowledge share and embracing start-ups might be of benefit. I believe CEEC will be an important and influential intelligence hub as the roadmap builds.”

Watch the full video interview here.