CEECing Change Podcast - Episode 1 - CEEC Thought Leader Series - Insights with Dean Gehring Executive VP - Newmont Corporation

Episode 1 Insights with Dean Gehring of Newmont

In today’s episode of the thought leader series, we bring you an interview with Alison Keogh, CEEC’s CEO and Dean Gehring, Executive Vice President of Newmont.

Dean Gehring is Executive Vice President of Newmont. Newmont teams were CEEC Medal winners in 2017 & 2020. Dean discusses their work, Newmont's ESG targets, and champions the value of collaborating across industry, especially on shared industry challenges such as safety, energy and water improvement. He talks about how Newmont drives best practice, and its improvement and innovation approach.

Dean also talks about the value of sponsoring CEEC’s not for profit work and collaborative projects such as Energy and Water Curves, which also help sites benchmark and improve. He shares why he believes more open knowledge sharing on shared industry challenges is so important. He touches on technologies and embedding best practices and improvements across mine sites worldwide, to help reduce mining’s footprint, and why accelerating innovative eco efficient comminution and processing are key.

  • Newmont & Metso Outotec 2020 CEEC medal winners for operations
  • Why sharing best practice is so important
  • What winning the CEEC medal means
  • Creating a culture of collaboration
  • Acknowledgement of medal winners Peter Lind, Kevin Murray (Newmont) Alan Boylston and Isaias Arce (Metso Outotec)
  • The value of partnership
  • Evaluating alternative comminution circuits with business justifications
  • Energy and water consumption
  • A focus on innovation
  • The obligation to set standards and improve the industry
  • Training and mentoring through the Metcellerate program
  • Reducing the overall footprint
  • The importance of collaboration and partnership sin leading change
  • Willingness versus risk of investing in step-change technologies
  • The installation of HPGR’s at Lone Tree Mine Nevada
  • Why collaboration is key
  • Energy climate targets to reduce greenhouse gas by 30% by 2030 and reach net zero emissions by 2050
  • The Borden mine in Canada as a showcase and test bed for improved energy efficiency
  • Solving for productivity efficiency and ESG performance
  • Pathways to the 2030 targets
  • Improving success across multiple sites
  • Rapid replication of business operating practices
  • The role of digitisation
  • Water and industry collaboration supporting social license to operate
  • Developing common intensity measurements
  • Future industry challenges
  • The things that are too important not to collaborate on
  • CEEC’s energy and water curves initiatives
  • The business case for change
  • What’s key to leading change for success
  • What it takes to envision a different future
  • What needs to happen to share best practice
  • Minimising the impact on environment while maximising value to society