CMIC Releases New Roadmap driving Mining Innovation: Towards Zero Waste Mining

The Canadian Mining Innovation Council (CMIC) recently announced an integrated roadmap to help drive innovation towards Zero Waste Mining. Created by CMIC's technology groups, the integrated roadmap lays out the short, medium and long term goals required to transform mining towards the longer term vision of zero waste mining.

Led by Simon Hille, CMIC's Energy-Processing Group is actively tackling issues around comminution, processing and energy consumption, with achievements to date including:

  • Completed the technology roadmap for energy in the mining business.
  • Pilot project to identify, map and model the flow of energy in grinding circuits to identify energy losses.
  • Appraisal project that identified a promising new technology that could significantly reduce energy in grinding circuits by as much as 50%.
  • Launch of phase 1 of a 6-phase plan and to potentially commercialize a new comminution technology that may save energy in comminution circuits by as much as 50%
  • Completed and published a matrix for energy technology evaluation.
  • Held a joint workshop with the Coalition for Energy Efficiency in Comminution (CEEC) with over 70 attendees. Read more >

To download CMIC's Technology Roadmap click here.

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