Chile to host Procemin Geomet event, Santiago, Chile: 4-6 October

Gecamin will once again showcase insights from South America and globally on improving efficiency in the geology-mining-metallurgy value chain. This year, CEEC is delighted to be participating in this Procemin-Geomet 2017 event.

The conference will feature papers on good geometallurgy to deliver value to mineral production. This conference is an important event promoting efforts towards a more sustainable and cost-effective development of the mining industry.

Over three days of technical sessions, attendees will share technical experience and have the opportunity to network with other global professionals.
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New processing technologies • Modeling, design, optimization and control of mineral processes • Comminution: crushing, grinding, SAG, HPGR • Classification, screening and mineral sorting • Flotation: fundamentals, reagents and industrial applications • Solid-liquid separation and tailings retreatment • Processing of precious metals, industrial and ferrous minerals • Expansions and new projects • Operation and plant management • Minerals economy and material recycling.


Applied mineralogy • Mineral and clay characterization • Mineral sampling • Testing and prediction of process performance: crushing, grinding, flotation, leaching, sedimentation • Prediction of chemical stability of tailings and mine wastes • Geometallurgical characterization and modeling • Production planning and scheduling • Metallurgical balance and reconciliation • Case studies and industrial practices • Technology and software for data analysis and geometallurgy development.

CEEC acknowledges and sincerely thanks Leonardo Flores the Conference Chair (BHP Chile), Gecamin and the organising committee for their hard work in delivering this important conference for South America and the global mining industry:
• Alice Clark (University of Queensland Sustainable Minerals Institute – BRC & JKMRC)
• Froilan Vergara (Universidad de Concepción, Chile)
• Ursula Kelm (Universidad de Concepción, Chile)
• Carlos Barahona (Gecamin, Chile)
• Nicolás Cruz (Anglo American, Chile)
• Dalibor Dragicevic (Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi, Chile)
• Jaime Sepúlveda (J-Consultores, Chile)
• Regina Baumgartner (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú)
• Gabriel Berkowitz (Codelco Tech, Chile)
• Marcela Oyarzún (Codelco,Chile)
• Constantino Suazo (Lumina Copper, Caserones, Chile)
• Fernando Torres (Mitsui Mineral Resource Development, Chile)

We encourage you to support and attend this excellent conference, and benefit from global leaders and experts sharing opportunities and solutions to add value in mining.